TimeSpiralI stopped wearing a watch about two weeks ago. At first I found myself glancing at my wrist several times an hour, which I noticed as there was nothing to see on my wrist. I’d never realized how much I looked at my watch – or even that I did look at my watch – because I always saw the time when I looked.

But there was rarely any value in looking at my watch. It’s not as if I was late for an appointment. Instead, when I looked at the time I would get an immediate thought that I should be doing something else. Or that there wasn’t enough time left to finish something. Or that I didn’t have enough time to make progress on something, so why bother starting?

The early morning hours were always wonderful as I felt I had the whole day ahead, but as the morning wore on and I glanced at my watch, it felt that the day was closing in on me, running out of time.

Not wearing a watch is liberating. It allows me to focus on what I’m doing. Now that I don’t know what time it is, I just go with the flow. Things will get done when they are done. Instead of doing nothing because I think there is not enough time to do something, I now do something.

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