Searching for the Silver Bullet


I keep searching for silver bullets, but not to kill werewolves. That would be too easy.

I need silver bullets so I don’t have to do the hard work that is always necessary to accomplish anything. The silver bullet I’m looking for now will help me draw more accurately. So I found a book on drawing. It’s for kids so it must be easy.

I want to be able to draw better but I really don’t want to sit down and draw for hour after hour, endless repetitions of unrealistic image after unrecognizable figure. So I did what any self respecting self-help addict does: I bought another book. Now I can indulge in the fantasy that I can just read the book instead of doing any actual work.

It’s such a wonderful and powerful fantasy. If we can only find the right sentence in the right book we’ll have the answer that will solve everything, simplify life, make our dreams come true, give us the perfect relationship, and help us draw cats realistically.

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