We are not alone

It’s good to see that people have some of the same issues. It shows our common humanity. It shows that we are not alone in our daily struggles.

I talk of course about the inability to focus on the things that we claim are important to us. In my case, learning French. Creating art. Writing.

Anyone might think these so-called-important things are not really important to me if I’m not doing them. And perhaps they would be right. But these important things are hard; they tax my brain. It’s so much easier to do easy stuff: following links on the Web, shopping, running errands. Letting time drift listlessly and namelessly by.

Also, the important things are not necessary things; they don’t have to be done, unlike taking in the car for a service or replacing light bulbs or buying a new electric toothbrush.

So it’s gratifying to know I’m not alone:

I was fortunate enough to be able to retire from paid work 2 years ago, quite unexpectedly, and suddenly all my dreams of whole days to write, sew, read and reflect, explore my creativity, seemed about to come true. Two years on and I find I’m filling my days with the practical stuff that I “ought” to do, with social media and surfing, with catching up with TV programmes, with not very much at all. And my sewing, writing, reflecting, creating still get the lowest priority. I’m not doing that which would reward and fulfill me because I allow distractions and “oughts” to steal my time. Why do deprive myself like this? Why am I not making the most of the huge gift of freedom that my retirement handed me? I need to continue to reflect on those questions. But I also need to do something about the situation, so a “workday” is going into my diary. (From raptitude.com)


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