Are You Ready?

I’ve just finished reading an overwhelming book.

It’s called People Get Ready: The Fight against a Jobless Economy and a Citizenless Democracy and is a massively detailed book about the problems facing democracy and work in the U.S. To quote from the jacket cover:

The consequences of the technological revolution are about to hit hard: unemployment will spike as new technologies replace labor in the manufacturing, service, and professional sectors of an economy that is already struggling. The end of work as we know it will hit at the worst moment imaginable: as capitalism fosters permanent stagnation, when the labor market is in decrepit shape, with declining wages, expanding poverty, and scorching inequality. Only the dramatic democratization of our economy can address the existential challenges we now face. Yet, the US political process is so dominated by billionaires and corporate special interests, by corruption and monopoly, that it stymies not just democracy but progress.

Well worth reading if you are concerned about what is happening in this country. Or if you are worried about what might happen to you. Or if you are interested in a semi-infinity of facts about the job situation and lack of democracy in the U.S. Or if you are interested in big trends. Or if you just enjoy feeling slightly depressed.

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People Get Ready on Amazon

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