Nostalgia Redux

Remembrance of things past is not necessarily remembrance of things as they were.
— Marcel Proust

Coming across this quote made me think again about the sweet sadness of nostalgia.

I don’t particularly like nostalgia, and its only value is in providing nostalgic memories of past girlfriends to which I can masturbate 😬.

I jest of course. I only masturbate to thoughts of Tanya (she made me write that 😀). Seriously though. Nostalgia, and especially Envy, are wonderful tools that I can use to guide my life. They tell me what I’m missing, what I need. With that information I can choose how to change my life.

The beautiful aspect of nostalgia is that it’s not about what happened in the past. That’s the frame, but the picture is what might have happened, what paths we didn’t take. What paths we might look for now.


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