Getting Older

I had to laugh when I saw this in the Guardian. It’s part of a 9-part series called The New Retirement.

“They come to see me for unspecified aches and pains which, because they are so fit and think of themselves as young, they think must be caused by something really serious. It generally takes at least three appointments before they can begin to even consider that their bodies might just be ageing – and then their reaction is one of absolute horror. People up to their late 60s nowadays really struggle with the fact that the ageing process is starting to affect them.”

I laughed because I am still reasonably fit but I’ve really noticed the aging process. I realized when I was 59 that I was less fit and strong during the Bicycle Tour of Colorado that year. Then a couple of years later I couldn’t stay with my daughter hiking up Mt Wrightson – this after many years of never being overtaken or left behind when hiking in the high mountains (well, ok I was overtaken twice in that time).

I’m still fit and still enjoy cycling but my ambitions don’t run to speed any more. I adapt my ambitions to what my body will let me do. At this point it means riding up steep hills at my own pace, and doing the occasional very long ride.

While I don’t like aging, it beats the alternative. So I accept – without horror 😱.

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