Why this blog?

I have another blog. After one particular blog post a friend remarked that a problem I was describing was a First World Problem (FWP). That stung. After all, problems are problems. I just maybe have different types of problems to someone struggling to survive in the backwoods of Alabama.

It’s like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: as soon as a need on a lower level is met, higher level needs rear their heads. It’s hard to get away from unsatisfied needs.  One minute you are trying to put food on the table and the next minute you want to self-actualize.

So it is with problems. No sooner do we solve the problem of being killed or raped in a conflict zone than we are faced with the problem that we don’t have enough meaning in our lives.

My friends remark gave me yet another FWP – how to deal with the fact that I sometimes want to write about FWPs.

My immediate reaction was to decide not to write about difficulties in my life. But I hate that. I hate the Facebook World we increasingly live in, where everything is designed to showcase our rich and beautiful lives. Yet I went along with it and became reluctant to show cracks in the armor, to show that my life is anything less than perfect.

But of course it is less than perfect. My life is good. I’m one of the most privileged people who have ever lived. I don’t have to work. My life satisfaction is high. But day-to-day there are still frustrations: frustrations with idiotic people; frustrations with myself. (But never, ever, frustrations with Tanya 😁)

Yet I wanted to be able to write about whatever comes to my mind, even if it’s about some difficulty I’m having. So I decided to solve my very FWP of being afraid to post articles about my FWPs.

My solution was to create a blog called First World Problems. Having acknowledged that probably any difficulty I write about will be a FWP, I can now write about them with a clear conscience. Hey, we’ve got to try and be creative. So here we are.

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